Twitter co-founder launches Jelly social query app


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Twitter co-founder launches Jelly social query app for Android

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, who left the company in 2011 has recently launched a new social query app called as Jelly. Jelly is now available in Google Play Store and will allow users to post some visual questions to their social connections and get their answers. Just Point, Shoot and Ask.

Jelly works with users’ existing social connections. The working is very simple and easy to understand, you see something which you don’t know, you take out your Smartphone and capture an image of that thing and ask your connections about it and you will get the answer if anyone of your connection knows what is it. But here is the main question, can’t we directly post the question on our Twitter or Facebook profile ?

According to Biz Stone, that will be not a good idea. As there are lots of questions which you would not like to ask to everyone. So, Biz Stone says that, “We don’t blast it out to everybody,” there is an intelligent algorithm to decide which questions to forward to which of your connections.