Twitter announces official Windows Phone 7 App


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One of the most popular site twitter has announced its own apps for Windows phone 7, twitter has already official apps for Iphone and android device and now Windows phone 7 is Join this party.

Twitter also says this app is particularly fast and brings users “all of the features that you’d expect from Twitter.”

“The platform’s design and user interface, which is called Metro, is especially great for Twitter users because it’s simple and easy to use. It also provides a different way to look at information on a phone’s screen through Pivots, which are sort of like pages of the app. Pivots allow you to swipe left or right to view different categories or types of information within a single application.”

Twitter indicates that the application was created in partnership with Tacoma, Washington-based IdentityMine Inc., who will apparently release some improvements back into open source. Twitter also explains that the Windows Phone 7 is based on the open source REST API library — Tweet Sharp.

Anyway, with regards to some other details, the post stated, “Twitter for Windows Phone includes all of the features that you’d expect from Twitter – your timeline, suggested users, messages, lists, and a great way to explore Twitter without even logging in. You can sign up for an account right from the app as well.”

Plus there’s a “Pivots” function that allows for swiping from a timeline to mentions to direct messages.