TV shows based games are in rage


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Many games based on films have been super success stories. But, here is a new twist. The gaming scene is witnessing a huge increase in the number of online and mobile games based on TV shows.

If the TV show Ratan Ka Rishta (RKR) has become popular in the virtual world, it is all due to the games that are being played. has created and launched an online game on the show. Sanjay Vasudeva, national head – ad sales says, "Gaming is the best platform to engage the youth today. RKR which is part of the Swayamwar season 3 is a very popular concept amongst the youth and this game helps extend the same experience to the virtual world." The game captures the essence of the real ongoing swayamvar on television. . The popularity of such games can be judged by the fact that within a week of its launch, the game had over one lakh users who tried to impress Ratan with their skills.

Banking on the show Emotional Atyachaar's popularity, also has a game inspired from it. Speaking about the game, Shivankar Jayaprasad, channel manager at says, "Currently, we have a game called the Emotional Atyachaar which is loosely based on the show. The game helps you find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you."

Nobody can question the fan following of reality shows. The never-ending queues and the craze for 15 seconds of fame speak for itself. This is what made IBIBO come up with games based on reality shows. The gaming portal has singing competition, filmmaking competition and a model hunt. Says Rahul Sharma, senior vice-president (brand solutions), "Many people find it difficult to stand in the long queues and showcase their talent on the show. Hence, we came up with a reality show on virtual world. Based on the several reality shows shown on TV, we have started these games in which fame is just a call away. For our singing show, all the user has to do is to register his profile on the website and enter his mobile number. S/he will get a call from us and the participant will have to sing his number. The same will be added to his profile. This is followed by online voting and the highest receiver of votes qualifies. The winner gets to record a song with well-known music directors." The singing competition received 20,000 participants and lakhs of votes.

Such games are a good medium to promote the shows, feels Farah Sayyed, creative director at "The increase in the number of games based on TV shows is because it's an interesting way to promote the show. Games are capable of garnering attention, and hence, a very good platform to promote the show."

IndiaGames has recently launched Ratan Ka Rishta as a mobile game. Apart from this, the company has games on Emotional Atyachaar, Nach Baliye, and KBC. Samir Bangara, COO of the company feels, "The popularity of TV show-based games is because of the brand connect. The bulk of the audience is a non-professional gaming crowd, which look out for content that they are familiar with. So when they see the names of shows which are highly popular, it 'clicks' well with the gamers." TV has given us our daily dose of entertainment. If the same is being extended to the virtual world, it is welcome!