Tru Skool going to Reach Indian Masses


Tru-Skool will be thrust into the limelight like never before with the release of the much-anticipated album, “Back to Basics” featuring the current Punjabi signing superstar Diljit Dosanjh.

Tru-Skool will this week get the exposure his contribution to the scene fully deserves, and the great thing about this is, it’s been done very much on his own terms.
Having heard some exclusives from the forthcoming album release, the production style that made Tru-Skool so appealing has not been compromised in any way, that edgy and raw sound remain, complimented with heavy bottom end driven hip hop beats.

Having become a household name in the west, Tru-Skool was looking for the platform that would take him global, working with Diljit has given him that platform.
Diljit, is one of the hottest properties in Punjabi music at the moment, he has had his doubters whilst on his journey, but Diljit sells units, and is someone who producers would walk over glass to work with, so for him to now share his platform with Tru-Skool, goes to show how much respect Tru-Skool has amongst artists globally, even though music fans in various territories may not have heard about him, yet would have heard his work.

The Album “Back To Basics” is currently sitting at Number 1 in the iTunes World Album Charts, and that is based solely on pre-orders, this is the first time such an event has occurred.
2012 has seen 3 Albums break into the mainstream Top 100 albums charts, Manni Sandhu’s “My Time” went in at a 54 and then in July Sukhshinder Shinda’s “Rock Da Party” charted at 78.
Back To Basics may just give us that top 40 album the scene deserves and who better than Tru-Skool to get it!