Trick to Display your name after time in Taskbar


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Step 1: Directly Click on the Taskbar where it shows time. which is at Bottom right Corner of your screen.
Now Click on "Change Date and time settings"
Step 2: Now a pop up window will show up, Click on Change Date and time, Now Click on "Change Calender settings"

Step 3: Click on Time Tab and Change the Value of AM symbol and PM Symbol to your own name.

Step 4: Now Click on Apply and Ok. Check your taskbar date and time section to see your name there.

Windows 8 Method-

In Windows 8, press Win+X in combination to bring up the Power Task Menu. From it, choose ‘Control Panel’. Then, select Region.

Now, from the ‘Region’ window that appears on your computer screen, select ‘Additional Settings’ button.

Later, from the ‘Customize Format’ window, choose the ‘Time’ tab.

Here, change both the AM and PM letters to any name you wish.

Make sure that the format you are using has “tt” in it.

That is: Time Format = hh:mm:ss tt

Then, simply click on Apply > OK.
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for xp ----------------------------
go to control panel and click on the regional and language option and click customize and then select time .........finally replace the AM and PM with YOur name.......................................:load
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