Treating Common Fever By Herbal Remedies


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Fever is the body’s natural process of resisting further infection or disorder. It can occur in adults as well as in children. You can cure fever naturally with few simple methods. The first thing that you should remember is that fever is the natural resistance of the body. This is the problem that is helps the body in overcoming the infection. You should let fever run the normal course. Most of the time after its natural course, fever subsides on its own. It usually subsides in three to four days. Remember that you have t sure the infection that is causing fever and not just the fever. After the infection subsides, fever will decrease on its own. If you interrupt fever’s course, the infection will not be cured.

The person who is suffering from fever should be given orange juice for the first two or three days. Water and orange juice should be given to the patient after two hour’s gap. This juice hydrates the body and gives it the required strength to fight the infection that is causing fever. If fever exceeds 103F, you should start giving cold compress on the forehead and you should also wash the head with cold water. You can start taking holy basil for curing fever. You will have to make a decoction of 12 grams of basil leaves. Boil these leaves in water and this juice should be had with milk, powered cardamom and sugar. It reduces the temperature. You can also make tea with fenugreek seeds. This tea cures fever and soothes the system.

You can try these remedies for instant cure of common fever. These will help you instantly.

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