Toyota Express Service: Car Service Done in 60 Minutes

A car service centre has always been looked at as a place you 'send' you car to for a day - a day where it can get checked up, tuned, refined and return like after a wellness detox. You welcome it back to start the next few thousand kilometres on a fresh note, leaving behind your previous hiccups. But hardly ever would you do more than leave it at the workshop and pick it up, that too only if the same cannot be arranged otherwise.
Spending 8 hours at the workshop not only triggers the "are you serious?" reaction, but also means intruding in your car's space! This is its time and you just need to make sure all that needs to be done - is. But what Ford, Mahindra, Toyota and Castrol have found is that a 60 minute format can break this age-old tradition and bring the two of you together for an experience that works up the bonding and know how!​

As you enter, a service manager greets you while your car is sent up to the service floor to start the process almost immediately. Funny signs adorn the walls saying this is actually better than a 3 hour movie, which frankly is pushing it a bit, unless we got popcorn at the door. What was relevant, though, was a run through of exactly what would happen to the car in this time; explained as a step by step procedure by the manager over a glass panel with little rubber servicemen and car miniatures as guiding blocks. Looked something like a real estate project replica. What you get is an engine oil change, oil filter change, battery inspection, fuel filter inspection, brake pad and disk inspection and air conditioner filter change. The cost ranges from Rs. 1,000 rupees to Rs. 10,000, depending on the car model.
Now comes the interesting part. The clock is ticking, you already know what is happening to the car, but how do you spend your time and benefit? Well, we got up to a guest lounge area where they served non-machine black coffee, had cable tv, a bunch of magazines and a view of the car being serviced. Soon came a service manager and off we went to the service floor, wearing a mandatory baseball cap. A hands-on run through was given on exactly what had been done and what was being done at that point. You then see the car off to be washed, go pay your bill and meet it up front.​