Toshiba releases the ultra-thin 13.3-inch Portege R700


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Toshiba releases the ultra-thin 13.3-inch Portege R700 laptop, starting at Rs.65,000


Defined as the best balance between weight and performance, the Portégé R700 is a revolutionary laptop, one that manages to squeeze in regular voltage processors and an optical drive into a tiny 0.88-inch width frame. How does it manage to do this? With an cooling technology it developed in conjunction with Intel, called Airflow Cooling Technology, which sucks air from outside, circulates it around before expelling it, greatly helping heat management.

Offering a 13.3-inch screen, 9.5mm optical drive, and a Core i3 or i5 processor, the Portégé R700 weighs just 1.39 kg, and has a magnesium alloy body, and a super-strong honeycomb chassis that’s 24% stronger than its predecessor’s, the Portégé R600. The i3 version costs Rs. 65,000, while the i5 version costs Rs. 75,000. A Portégé R700 with a i7 M620 can be built to order, and users will also have options for SSDs.

The Portégé R700 combines the best in “mobility, performance and features” by utilizing Toshiba’s latest advances in heat management, chassis construction, and memory chip deployment. The slim size makes the keyboard slightly smaller than a full-size one, but one that is still very easily useable, and should pose no problems.


A view of the Portege R700 from the front

The R700 laptop also comes with some pretty cool software pre-installed, including an HDD Protection technology with 3D motion sensor (which parks the HDD head if excess vibration is detected – note, its sensitivity is adjustable), Toshiba Eco Utility (power management), as well as the Toshiba DVD Player, which has the great new Resolution+ technology, that upconverts SD video to near HD quality.


The Portege R700 from the left, with the patented cooling vent in evidence

We anticipate only one problem with the device, its operating temperature, as it pulls in air from outside. And, we were right, as it is between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, seriously hampering if you work in a hot environment. On the whole however, we were very impressed with our short hands-on with the Portégé R700 laptop, and herald it as the first of its kind to bring in normal voltage processors in such slim form factors. The eSATA/USB combo Sleep-&-Charge port is also mighty useful.

Find the full specifications below: