Toshiba Develops And Promotes New SDHC Wi-Fi Card Standard


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Wireless SDHC standard is not something new and if you recall, Eye-Fi technology has been in the consumer market since three years ago. As one of the major players in this industry, Toshiba Corp in collaboration with Trek 2000, a Singapore based company has officially launched an industry forum known as ‘Standard Promotion Forum for Memory Cards Embedding Wireless LAN’ with intention to promote a new SD card standard with Wi-Fi wireless capability as an alternative to Eye-Fi technology.

In terms of specification, it is compliant to IEEE 802.11b/g wireless standard with SDHC standard that can support above 8GB capacity, more than sufficient for normal and HD resolution media storage. The benefit is obvious, now with the new wireless technology embedded into the storage card itself, it enables a convenient and fast media sharing especially on digital still camera as long as it has SDHC slot regardless of its model. That is not all, users can easily download or upload the digital images from clients to server (or vice versa) as long as there is wireless connectivity. And all these are well managed without significant reduction in power consumption as compared to current solution.

Since the new standard is expected to compete with existing Eye-Fi technology, both Toshiba Corp and Trek are actively inviting all the digital camera manufacturers and interested parties in exchanging technical information as part of initial effort to establish and define the new standard specifications.