Top Kerala cops accused in case


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Thiruvananthapuram: With two senior police officials being named in the controversial custodial death of a man known as Sampath, local media has reported that police officials may appeal to the court against what they feel is wrongful implication in the case.

The two Indian Police Service officials, Vijay Sakhare and Mohammad Yasin have been named accused number 15 and 16 respectively in the case of the custodial death of Sampath.

The case is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

The senior police officers accused in the case face charges of murder and conspiracy. There are 31 accused in the case.

There were reports that the post mortem examination had revealed the use of canes that are used by senior police officers, on the body of Sampath. According to post mortem examination, there were more than 60 injuries on the body of Sampath.

Sampath was the prime suspect accused in the Puthur Sheela murder case, and was taken by police from Coimbatore in March 2010. The CBI investigation team reportedly estimates that Sampath was taken to a private location in Coimbatore and tortured during questioning. Sampath is also estimated to have been questioned at a private location in Malampuzha.

The case has attracted widespread media attention, both because the murdered was the sister of a senior Kerala bureaucrat and also because the CBI's investigating officers complained that there were threats against their lives.

Police are reportedly upset about being arraigned and are suspicious about the deceased Sampath's brother being able to hire a top lawyer to argue the case. The CBI arrested four police officials in connection with the Sampath murder case.