TOP 9 dialogs of TEACHERS


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TOP 9 dialogs of TEACHERS... ::-

* If you are noT intresTed then U maY leaVe the clAss.

* If you wan't to tAlK plEase GeT ouT Of thE clAss & amp;talk

* ThiS clAss iz woRsT den a fIsh maRkeT...

* Are you Here to wAsTe YouR pAreNts moNeY...

* Tell me WheN u all haVe FiNisHed talKinG..

* whY yoU are lAughInG??.. come here, n teLl us,,, we'll alSo laUgh..

* Do You ThinK teAchErs aRe fOoL....
( |lolzz| i wish i could shout yes yes yesssss ) !!

* Don't TrY tO ovEr smArT wiD me !!!

* yoU YeS You..,,:p !!
M taLking to you onlY. Don't lOok BacK.. !!!


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ik sadi madam aaj kal kehndi aa " agar nai padna to class me kyo aate ho"
bhala puche koi clas ch padan kihda aunda ...