Top 6 Best Android Apps


- dEsPeraTe cRaNky -
Android is the most popular name today we have. Under the Google support, now it has become a leading OS in iPhone or windows mobile. Here is a short list of incredible Android Apps.

1. WaveSecure

Its a security app for your mobile. It makes sure the protection of user data, privacy assurance from theft and improve the chances of data recovery which you lost.

Your all personal data like messages, contacts and multimedia files can be stored on WaveSecure website. You can restore them any time.

2. Sweet Dreams App

Most of people like me forget to disable their Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections when they go to the bed. or they hate the late night calls. Then say thanks to the Sweet Dreams App. It can automatically turn off the all wireless connection determined on time based. It also unwelcomed the late night calls.

3. ProOnGo Finance App

Its a very helpful and famous finance app. Through it, you can manage your all expense easily. Whenever you do some shopping, take a picture of your shopping slip. ProOnGo will store the merchant`s name, purchaser date and amount. You can do it manually too. On the end of the day, you can easily find out your whole day`s shopping report.

4. On-The-Road App

It is a perfect travel diary for you. If you are interested in writing your views while traveling. You want to record your memories of traveling. Then through OnTheRoad App you can write articles, publishing and reply comments from you mobile.

5. Wapedia

Today the great encyclopedia is very much liked by all which is named as Wikipedia. Every one want to learn about their desired thing from this Wikipedia. But it is very difficult to run Wikipedia on Android smart phones due to small screen.

Wapedia is here for solution of this problem. Now you can get all the encyclopedia thru this application. This simple and clean interface helps you in accessing all the top wiki sites.

6 . Meebo App

Its a free wonderful IM program which can support all the popular social sites. like MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Jabbar, ICQ, MySpace and many more. You can sign in on your these accounts through meebo and keep yourself up date from your accounts alerts.