Top 10 Most Unique Furniture in the World


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Here’s the list of most unique furniture in the world. As We all know, furniture is becoming our basic needs when we are at home. Furniture is ranging from a set of sofa, bed, to other needs for our living room such as display cases to display some accessories and some memorable things. But have you wondered about some unique furniture that will surprised you? Let’s take a look at those surprising most unique furniture in the world

10. Stack Chair

These vinyl wall stickers shaped rear seats to mark its place, then you can lean with a magazine or newspaper, and will gradually become Stack Chair. You have to be surprised that the price for this sticker is £30.65.


Stack chair wall sticker

9. Cork Chair

This limited edition of Cork chairs is really unique that It’s made from precision milled blocks of recycled wine bottle corks. This different about that used corks.


Cork chair

8. Pencil Chair

This is the seat that’s very unique for one reason, you don’t want to sit on it. You can imagine as the seat is made entirely of sharp pencils! This is for the purpose of art only.


Pencil Chair

7. Screw Chair

You have to be surprised that this is a comfortable chair that you can sit on it. It is made of unique pieces of Douglas fir and 3726 drywall screws.


Screw chair from the top


Screw chair seated

6. Record Table Made of Recycled Classic Rock Vinyl Records

This unique record table was designed by BUGHOUSE. This table is well suited for small spaces. It’s much more thoughtful than simply throwing them in the trash bin.You can place them near your glass display case with some memorable and antique things inside it.


Record Table Made of Recycled Classic Rock Vinyl Records


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5. Cutlery Chair

Some restaurants change their cutlery once every nine months. This cutlery Chair is using those cutlery utensils that are difficult to recycle, unwanted pieces of cutlery used as building blocks to create a piece of chair that is truly unique functional furniture.


Cutlery chair

4. Wooden Rocking Chair

This wooden rocking chair is very unique chair. It’s basically assembled from a used things but become so comfortable. The slats is suitable to the shape of your back and with the rigging rope stops has three basic positions. Sit forward on the front stop, relax and rock away or as a lounger, put your feet up to sunbathe or watch the stars. Interesting and unique chairs right? You can own it for £595.00, Not a cheap price for just a chair.


Wooden Rocking Chair

3. Dont Walk Traffic Sign Chair

This chair is simply created from two sign box that reworked using a set of metal and recreated as a chair. However it looks unique and interesting.


Don't Walk Traffic Sign Chair

2. Shotgun Shells Chair

This unique chair was designed by Alexander Reh. The chair is chair made from the original rifle bullets. The solid steel chair has been stuffed with once-fired 12-guage shotgun shells. Steel framework and the bullet held together by welding them.


Shotgun Shells Chair

1. Transit Chair

This chair was designed by Boris Bally. It’s made entirely from recycled street signs. This chair will look good if placed in the kitchen. Fully created, completed and sealed by hand.
If you want to own this chair, you have to provide $999.00 to bring it home.


Transit Chair