Top 10 Most Famous Mafias In The World


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Here’s the list of most famous mafia in the world. Mafia is a group that has many members and involved in any cases. the activities of mafia is to make any money, one of the activities as extortion. Some of the activities is by threatening when they are doing the extortion. Let’s see of the famous mafia below.

10. Jamaican-Yardies, England

Jamaican-English Yardies are citizens of Jamaica who immigrated to the United Kingdom in the 1950s. They are involved in violence group and was known as Yardies. They make organized crime such as drug trafficking and weapons.

Jamaica Yardies

9. Albanian mafia

Albanian mafia consists of a large number of criminal organizations based in Albania. They are active in the United States and European countries. It is told that the Albanian mafia spread to the international level in the 1980s. The crime is organized in Albania they started from the 15th century. In the United States and the United Kingdom, they runs a business of prostitution and drug trafficking and was known always use violence to achieve its objectives.

Albanian Mafia

8. Serbian Mafia

operates in more ten countries including Germany, the United States, England, France etc. They are involved in various activities such as drug trafficking, smuggling, contract killings, gambling and theft genes. They have three major groups called Vozdovac, Surcin and Zemun that control small groups. Right now, there are about 30-40 groups that exist in Serbia.

Serbian Mafia

7. Israel Mafia

Israel Mafia worked in many countries in the activities of drug trafficking and prostitution. Russian-Israel have been entering the U.S political system, so that Americans have always failed to make significant progress to stop them.

Israeli Mafia

6. Mexico Mafia

Mexico mafia is a prison group which is very strong in the united states, it is formed in the late 1950s to protect prisoners against other inmates and the officers. This group was also involved in extortion and drug trafficking, and approximately has 30,000 members throughout the united states. They forced the other groups and dealers to pay taxes and who refuse protection to be killed.

Mexico Mafia

5. Yakuza, Japan

Yakuza-Japanese is a native of organized crime groups who use threats and blackmail to get their way. The origins are found in the 17th century. Some of members have full body tattoos. This mafia has 110 000 active members who come from 2500 families. They are often involved in pornography, prostitution and illegal immigration.

Yakuza Japan

4.Triads, China

Chinese Triad criminal organization consists of many based in Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore etc. They are also very active in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver and San Francisco. They organized crime involving theft, contract killings, drug trafficking, extortion, hijacking, etc. First it is formed in the 18th. Triad has 50,000 to more than 30,000 members, they are also involved in counterfeit Chinese currency.

Triads China

3. Drug Cartel, Colombia

Colombian Drug Cartel was formed especially to control the drug trade. They operate in many countries, has a lot of organizations associated with political, military and legal aspects of the cartel. The important of Cartel is from the Columbia Cartel Cali, Medellin Cartel, and the Valle del Norte cartel. At one point in this cartels threatened by the extradition treaty between the U.S. and Columbia. The nobles went into hiding and ordered its members to kill his supporters. They have also been involved in many kidnappings and terrorism.

Colombia Mafia

2. Sicilian – America “Cosa Nostra”

Sicilian and American Cosa Nostra is a new relative group. It is Formed in the second half of the nineteenth century in Italy. Although they are starting young mafia have an uncanny ability to plan for a felony, they usually get involved in drugs and arms trade issues, one of the members of Mafia must undergo initiation rites in which he first had to kill to prove his ability.

Sicilian and America Mafia

1.Russian Mafia

Russian Mafia come from the Soviet Union and now have influence around the world. It Have between 100,000 to 500,000 members. They are involved in organized crime in countries such as Israel, Hungary, Spain, Canada, UK, USA, Russia etc. They also immigrated to Israel, America and Germany using the German Jewish identity. Their activities around the world of drugs and trafficking of firearms, bombings, smuggling, pornography, internet fraud, etc. One of their rules is never cooperate with the government, if one of them “sing” when caught would be killed.

Russian Mafia


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