Toggle Future Multimode Touch Remote Control

Carbon Design Group has come with with Toggle multi mode Touchpad remote control concept which will be our near future remote controller.

Its simple and amazing technology which actually transforms a touch pad into multifunctional remote controller using which you can use it as a keyboard, Remote, Touchpad, Basic Gaming Controller and much more.

To tame all the content piped into a connected TV, Toggle puts you in control with four modes. You shift (or toggle) between modes by sliding the top slice of the device left, right, up, or down.

In the center or off position, the Toggle wordmark peeks through. While holding the device horizontally, shift up for a qwerty keyboard. Shift down to a touchpad primed for two-thumbed or multi-finger use. Shift right for casual gaming.

Shift left and spin 90 degrees for a kicked-back, one-handed surfing experience. Type, Surf, Move, or Play, with Toggle, the mode you need is just a quick shift away.

The result is an amazing future remote control for your TV viewing pleasure.