To Let You Know


I don't think I express my love clearly
But on paper my feelings show glaringly
What I am going to say is real
And hopefully it'll show you how I feel

Meeting you was unexpected
But the way we'd end up was suspected
The Saturday movies were fun
But I thought that too soon it was done

Looking forward to meeting again had happened
But as time went by, I realized I was fooled,
My heart was not as securely fastened
I was missing you more and more
But what was to happen, we weren't sure

Things were going at its own rate
And we didn't even realize
When we'd finish date
I knew how I felt about you
And day by day I knew what I felt was true

All dressed up and looking in the mirror,
My life was about to change forever
I felt scared but sure as I opened the church door
Walking down the isle, not remembering what was going through my mind
I knew I was too excited to smile

But then I felt so different, I can't explain how
I had someone special to share my life with now
In your arms I feel the love and warmth I need
And I know the life I want to lead

I love and cherish you so dearly
And my future I can see clearly
Your smiles make me so alive
And I love the look of endless love in your eyes

You bring me so much happiness and joy
I'm sure you're not the type of person to toy
I pray you'll be by my side always
For you are my strength and encouragement
My love and support, my friend,
My lover and husband
And I want you in my life forever

You have my love and faithfulness
Your trust I won't betray
To you I've promise a lifetime
And I'm so very grateful you're mine!
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