Tithing - Das Vandh


unknown but known to all
today i was reading this pdf(http://www.mrsikhnet.com/downloads/Sikh Practices & Principles - Khalsa Council.pdf) and found Tithing - Das Vandh on 15 page according to it

In order to support the administrative necessities of their
community, Sikhs traditionally give one-tenth of their earnings,
called Das Vandh. In addition, they give generous donations of
money, goods, and services to the Gurdwara, free kitchen and
associated outreach programs such as clinics and schools.

my ques is that how many people there do that :) specially who are describing gurbani and fighting on religion.
do they follow this practice.


Dhillon Sa'aB™
Staff member
My Mom does, she started her teaching Job at 19. Donating 10% every month. For 40 something years from salary and now her pension.
After marriage she split dasvandh 50/50 between her 'peke' Gurdwara and 'sohre' Gurdwara.

Personally I don't know of another person who do that.