Tiny Monsters

Saini Sa'aB

Dust Mites

Human Head Louse

Brown Ant

A maggot head


A European hornet

A daddy long legs

Water Bears

A pill woodlouse

A grain weevil

A stable fly

A fruit fly

Mange Mites


Saini Sa'aB

Lucilia blowfly

Yellow Fever Mosquito

A termite

A tsetse fly

Aphid (Greenfly)

A bluebottle fly

A yellow dung fly

A long-horned beetle

A hover fly


Saini Sa'aB

The head of a froghopper

The head of a maggot or the larva of a bluebottle fly

A cat flea

A common housefly

A house dust mite

A meal (or flour) mite

The head of a Silverfish

The head of a red flour beetle

A daddy-long-legs spider

The head of a human flea


Saini Sa'aB

The head of a yellow dung fly

The head of a Jumping Spider

A fly

A tropical caterpillar

A dog flea

A common wasp head

A wasp's head

The head of a soldier turtle ant

The head of a honey bee

The head of a bedbug