Tiger Jatt Takes Imran Khan for 'Highway'

Tiger Jatt is an upcoming artist from New York who is looking forward to making an impactful debut with his single "Highway." Fans first heard the single in January and now we are getting a look at his upcoming video.

Having teamed up with Sunny Brown on the production of "Highway," Tiger Jatt has chosen to release his song about fast cars and having a good time. The song did catch the attention of some and Tiger has been promising fans his video for quite a while now.

Tiger Jatt has chosen to use a car with scissor doors just as Imran did. The two artists are also rocking similar looks as they don dark tops and shades.
The differences we have spotted are that Imran Khan's Lamborghini is silver and Tiger Jatt's is white. Another variation is in the scenery. Imran was in Amsterdam surrounded by green trees. Tiger Jatt has chosen a cooler season and the trees are bare and he is not surrounded by lush land.