Three's company in Delhi Belly


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You all had quite a few auditions for Delhi Belly - Imran and Kunal had five, and Vir had nine. How badly did you want the roles?

Kunal Initially, I wasn't given the script, and it's the script that gets me excited. But being an Aamir Khan Production, it was exciting and after I got the script, I was hooked.
Imran I liked the parts, the language and humour. Again, it was only after a couple of auditions that I got the script. And when I read it, I felt like it was the kind of film I've been waiting for all my life... really! It's the kind of comedy that doesn't get made in Bollywood and I just wanted to be a part of it.
Vir I started auditioning for Delhi Belly in 1976… when I was not born yet! Once I got the script, I was like, I'd do anything to do this movie. Even pay AKP!

Was waiting for the callback a nightmare?

Vir What AKP likes to do is give you an audition and not call for three weeks, so that you become depressed by the fourth week. And just when your self-esteem has started to heal around the sixth week, they call you for another audition… to reject you again. So, when we finally got the roles, we were in character.

What's the feedback on the flick been so far?

Imran We've got a lot of feedback from outraged parents about how we are corrupting the youth!
Vir The only bright side is that some people who were 16 in 2008 [when the movie was made] are legally old enough to come and watch the film now.
Imran And Vir has been certified fun for all ages!

Originally there was just one song, and now there are loads.

Imran There was supposed to be only one song - I hate you like I love you. Then, Ram [Sampath, the composer] churned out these incredible tracks that [director Deo] Abhinay felt had to be put together for the film.

And the Bhag DK Bhose song?

Vir Well, it's the perfect litmus test for who'd like our film.

Is there a DK Bhose in the film?

Imran There isn't. DK Bhose is a metaphor for anyone who is bogged down by anything.

Any Delhi Belly on the set?

Vir No. We ate a lot. When we did go out I was the food person, Imran was the bartender and Kunal the sampler.
Kunal Consumer! I was in charge of consumption.
Vir It's very rare that when I ask people out to dinner they actually say yes!

Describe your character in five words...

Vir An unstoppable ball of anger
Imran I am Tashi from Darjeeling
Imran (for Kunal) Somewhat moist, but still pleasant