Thoughts of You


Rampuriya !!
I thought of you while laying in bed
Visions of you danced through my head
I saw your smile and felt your touch
All the things I love, so much

Sweet dreams of you as I peacefully slept
Then into my dream she silently crept
An angel from God, so holy and good
And right before me, she firmly stood

She whispered my name, and I awoke
I then, listened to the words she spoke
You cannot enter into his life
For he has children and a wife

When he married he made a vow
And you musn't let him break it now
So turn around and walk away
So near to him, you must not stay

As I Listened, I knew it to be true
There is no future for me and you
So I will turn and I will go
But as I do; I want you to know

I will always love you, so!!!