Thought I would give my brief intro!


Codename 47
Salaam , Sat shri akal , Namskar and Goodday guys

I am elite member now but I don't think I made a intro thread.
I am Rahul , born and brought up in Punjab India and living in Australia from past 5 years. I love cars bikes and new gadgets. Punjabi Music is what I listen a lot.

I did a range of jobs from car wash to administration, thats how I was able to drive alot of cars which I always loved!
I never knew I would own some of em.

I like forums because they are more informative and you can discuss anything you like. Thanks to UNP , I made so many nice friends here and hope to make new ones too.
Lily ( Najla ) was the first one to welcome me and than Naman dude was so nice too.

Thanks to all of the members who create new threads and share knowledge.

Jaswinder Singh Baidwan

Akhran da mureed
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your passion is very much clear to everybody, through your threads :da

Let me thank you on behalf of entire UNP team for your contribution, I would like to tag u as "KING" of automobile section.


Codename 47
thanks bro :)
you guys contribute /comment as well thats what makes the whole thread looks nice. and ya if we discuss about these cars we learn something new. I always get something new to learn there are may other people who know a lot abt cars too