this is a great interview.. George Galloway Savages SKY (worth a look)


Dear All,
Definitely Quality Viewing
For all those sick of hearing the same recycled Zionist rhetoric dished out by main stream media, check out this interview (I’m surprised they let it go to Air)
About time someone went on AIR and hit the NAIL on the head about some of the underlying issues & facts in relation to the current crisis in Lebanon.. this guy is a HERO !
He's got B@@@S the size of church bells.... while all other media moguls fear the Zionist backlash George Galloway lets it be known....
Compulsive viewing!!



thnx :)

I read one comment, "
they should put him in a LIVE discussion with BUSH :D
that would be really funny to see bush's stupid reactions :D "...thts so true :p