Things to Do When Your Flight Gets Delayed

Airports are the heaven of free wifi
Who doesn't go a little bonkers on the thought of a free Internet connection? Airports are the heaven for free wifi. Stream the latest chick flick or a rom-com movie and sit back and relax. If you happen to be a workaholic you can reply to emails and make a few business calls through Skype. You could simply log on to Facebook and get in touch with your friends or just get on with you Candy Crush dreams.

Drunk in Delay!
Delays cause unnecessary stress and airports aren’t plagued with bars for no reason! Since you don’t have to drive, the best way to kill time and enjoy a little is to have a few chilled beers. If it happens to be your lucky day there will be enough beer in your system to grant you a good block of sleep during the flight.

Chubby people grab that workout you have skipped
Want to catch up with your gym routine and burn some additional calories? Go to the airport gym. Yes, some airports are equipped with gyms or it is best suggested that you walk up and down the longest stairs you can spot or have a try walking backwards on the automated ones. With ads on you will eventually tire yourself out and get a good power nap.

Shopping + Airports = Duty Free Shopping!
You know it; we know it, shopping is deemed to be the best therapy ever! Tax-free bottles of rum and your favorite wine will surely make your trip a more pleasant one. From gadgets to clothes to make up, the duty free has a plethora of things to offer. Invest in a neck pillow and a pair of ear plugs and make your journey a comfortable one.

Explore the transit paradise
After you have checked in your baggage and haven’t gone through with the security check you have an option of hopping on a cab and exploring places near to where you might be and visiting famous tourist spots. Some sightseeing would help you take the edge off.

Have you met
Strike a conversion with your fellow passengers whose flights have been delayed and put your networking skills to a test. You never know how things turn out and maybe you can have them accompany you on your latest adventure. It is a good way to make new friends or perhaps even a potential lover!

Mad over ... food?
Jet set and hog on some of the greasiest and tastiest fast food you will ever find outside a shopping mall. We’re talking about hitting the food court for a tasting of all that food you knows better than to eat: hamburgers and all kinds of chicken, a frosted Cinnabon a not-so-healthy frozen yoghurt sprinkled sundae. It cannot be guaranteed that the plane ride will be fun after that, if you know what we mean!

Holy mother of Chocolate
Still waiting at the airport? Exhausted from all the entertainment around you? What you need to do is treat yourself with monster size bar of chocolate! After all chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands and makes the world a better place!