The Worst Photoshop Fails

A collection of complete Photoshop mishaps from the media, where they tend to exaggerate a bit.

Beachmall: Full Face Transplant

Makro: Inflated Hopes

Oneymoon: Onan Would Be Proud

Angela Merkel: Not A Muggle

Two and a Half Men: Gone But Not Forgotten Bathtime In The Fifth Dimension

A Local Mall: Shop Shop Shopping Shoppers

AB Exercise Ball: Butt Clenches

Swatch: Switch

Highway Code: French Mutants

Calvin Klein: Red Out

Boss: “Models genitalia too bulgy – smooth it out.”

Zonnig Zomervoordeel: Half Measures

Bennigans: Stump Hands™

Triodos Bank: She Got Legs

Consumerist: Intentional Stupidity

Golden Acrylics: Shopping Crimes

Game of Thrones: Night Soil Design

Brora: So One Dimensional

Victoria’s Secret: Killer Shoulder Fat