The world’s most expensive dog

The world’s most expensive dog is worth $1.5 million!

The dog’s name is “Big Splash”, and he is an 11-month-old, 180-pound red Tibetan mastiff. He was purchased by a coal magnate from northern China for 10 million yuan, which is 6 million more than the second most expensive canine, another Tibetan mastiff named “Yangtze River #2”. “Hong Dong” (as he is called in Mandarin Chinese) was raised on a diet of chicken and beef mixed with rare delicacies like abalone and sea cucumber. This breed of pooch has recently become coveted by the Chinese elite as a symbol of status, because the variety is considered a pure ‘Chinese’ breed and they are rarely found outside of Tibet. This trend has been quite recent, as Tibetan mastiffs were only valued at around $800 just five years ago. Nowadays, procuring a mastiff’s services for breeding costs nearly twice that - $1,500 per session!