The WINGStand – Make Your Tablet A Computer

Daniel Haarburger is a Stanford University student and he has developed a product called the WINGStand and it looks great!

The WINGStand is a very interesting little product that is designed to hold your tablet or smartphone such as the iPad or iPhone right next to the curved Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

The WINGStand accommodates a myriad of different devices including the iPad, iPad2, iPhone, and all other tablets on the market and also works with most cases including the iPad Smart Cover and 1st Generation iPad case.
Independent of a keyboard, the WINGStand doubles as an upright stand for tablets, smartphones, and eReaders.

The WINGStand is just $20, which makes for an incredibly cheap alternative to Apple’s iPad keyboard dock that holds a price tag of $70.

If you use Apple’s wireless keyboard to do any kind of writing with your iOS device, the WINGStand looks to be the ultimate accessory.