The Name Game

pink puma

Aajo bacha lokh, heres a new game for you all, and its a cool way of getting to know new people and their real names as well as just for jokes with your UNP mates.

Okay so first let me explain it in English and then Punjabi, okay teek ya? :D

Alright so what you do is, you take the name of the person who posted above you, and you turn their name into a poem. For example, lets say my name was Preeti (and no thats not my name), then the person below me would make a poem out of it like this:


okay get it? that example is a very simple one, you can make yours as funny or long or complicated as you want, you can put emoticons in it or you can make a sentence out of each line about the person. But just keep it clean because we are posting on UNP :D

hun mein punjabi vich koushush kardi samjoun di. Jehre person ne previous post keeta, thusi ohna da naa leh keh ek poem banouna, jimme above example che. Thusi jinna marzi funny ja lamba bana sakdeh but sirf khyal rakhyo vi clean honna chi da, because assi UNP deh post kardeh aa :D

okay? teek? comphrendez? chalo fer shuroo kardeh from my name, its Nav :D

sirf poem english ch honi chahidi??

coz meri valli tan hindi ch aa :p




i bet u wont understand dat :mean:mean
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