The Khanda Contest


This one is for the creative ppl of UNP:

The Khanda Contest

DEADLINE: Feb 15, 2009

The Khanda is the corporate logo, if you will, of the collective Sikh community around the globe. It follows Sikh presence no matter where we go, what we do ...

It adorns our gurdwaras, our homes and workplaces, our literature, our art and artifacts, our jewelry, our cars - even the T-shirts we wear at play or leisure!

Its origin remains unknown. Many theories abound, but good and proper research on the subject is yet to be carried out by our academics.

In the meantime, the icon has grown in our daily lives. It actually appears more frequently and pervasively today than ever before in our five centuries-long history.

We think it is time to let our creative energies, through our artists and designers and dreamers, to go at it and formulate some artistic renditions of the Khanda by capturing, in their unique and respective ways, what the symbol means to each ... what each one sees in it, what it signifies to each one in his/her life.

Hence, this contest.

We invite submissions from all of you across the globe - young and old, Sikh and non-Sikh, professional artists and amateurs, or even those who've hitherto never drawn a thing - of your personal graphic interpretations of this historical motif which is so central to our Sikhi.


Reproduced below are the following items for your assistance:

1 A philosophical interpretation of the significance of the Khanda.

2 A description by Canadian artist Jaipreet Singh of the Khanda, and of each of the three designs he has created for this project, to illustrate the variety of possibilities in interpreting the historical icon.

3 Four images are displayed on this page (on the right) for your perusal: on the top of the page, the traditional Khanda, as reproduced in the 1999 Canadian postage stamp, followed by the three designs by Jaipreet Singh.


The winner will be selected by a panel of judges and receive:

a) One economy, round trip air ticket from the winner's country of permanent residence to either Amritsar, India or Toronto, Canada - the choice will be the winner's.

b) One week's luxury accommodation in either Amritsar or Toronto.

c) No cash value will be offered in lieu of the prizes described above.

d) Both the air ticket and the accommodation will be available only to the winner, and only for a period of 12 months from the date of the announcement.

No reasons will be provided in selecting the winner, or for not selecting a specific submission as the winner.

All submissions will be displayed on, identifying each artist/designer.


1 Persons of all ages may apply. No age distinction will be made between the submissions.

2 Sikhs and non-Sikhs from anywhere in the world may apply.

3 Professional artists, amateurs or first-time dabblers - all may make submissions.

4 Any number of submissions may be made by any individual.

5 A submission may be a sketch, drawing, painting or graphic design - and may be done in pen, pencil, crayon, charcoal, paint, or with the aid of a computer; that is, it may be produced in any medium.

6 Each submission must be accompanied by the artist's full name, age, e-mail and full postal address, phone number(s) - cell, home, office.

7 A description of the reasons or interpretation behind the design - in no more than 100 words for each - should accompany every submission.

8 Each submission should be sent by e-mail in hi-resolution, in both JPEG and PDF formats, to

9 will have the right to publish (or not publish) each submission, identifying the respective artist/designer, as well as that of the winner, on its online magazine site and any of its supporting and promotional materials, without any fee to the artist/designer.

10 All communications pertaining to this contest should only be sent to However, no individual or personal acknowledgements will be made by to the submissions or enquiries pertaining to them.


All submissions must be e-mailed by you and received by us no later than 5.00 pm (Toronto, Canada time), Sunday, February 15, 2009.


The winner will be announced on March 1, 2009 on

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