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UNP ~ Keeping Desi Roots Alive

Greetings Everyone!

This guide includes all information about the forum.

Update~ 5 Oct 2019

Jiven ki tusi vekh rahe ho ki UNP ne vBulletin nu chad-ke xenforo naal japha paa lea.
So is thread da kaafi hissa depreciate ho gea. Time laggan te esnu update kita jaavega.

Table of Contents

  • The Members
  • The Forum Layout
  • Communication
  • Avatars, Signatures & Profile Pictures
  • Rules
  • Useful Threads


The Members

One of the best things about UNP is the community. Below are the user groups that make UNP the best Punjabi forum on the internet.


The administrators have the most amount of power out of all the staff members - they have the ability to add/remove whole forums and work on the backend. The current Administrator is: Dhillon

Dhillon the silent observer is habitual of ignoring messages :p try not to irritate him :d

jaswindersinghbaidwan is assisting Dhillon as CO-ADMIN

: For User name changes ask here: Click

Team Members

TM is a group for the most experienced moderators. They don the Red uniform. They are the global mods thus have accesses to all sections.


Moderators are the first rank that a moderator achieves. These people can bin, edit topics. They don the Green uniform.

Prime VIPs

This is the VIP Level 2. And they don the Golden uniform.
Update: Prime Vip's are #20b2aa Light Sea Green

Eligibility - 1000 thread or 15k posts


username change after 45 days.
1500 private messages
80k profile picture
40k avatar
60k signature image
can create private chat room in sb.


VIPs are respected members of the community who have earned the right to have the VIP rank. Currently members with 500+ threads or 10,000 posts have the right to wear the VIP badge. They don the Purple uniform. They get a bigger avatar size, bigger PM Inbox quota besides some other benefits.


Elite is the group of persons who enjoy some more rights than the normal members. They don the Blue uniforms. Members with 200+ threads or 5000 posts are promoted to the Elite group.


Unpians with 10+ posts are promoted to the Members group. They don the Black uniforms and can communicate with other unpians via the Shoutbox (SB), Private Messages (PM) & the Visitor Messages (VM).

Update: For promotions ask here: Promotions


Newbies are the ones who have recently joined UNP, or haven't contributed to the board. Bump your post count to 10 to gain access to the Members Tag.

The Forum Layout

UNP is divided into 7 sections: UNP Misc, Contributions, Chit-Chat, Gallery, UNP Special, Members, UNP.

UNP Misc: The UNP Misc comprises of Technology, Automobiles, Health, Mobiles, Food & Travel Sections.
PS: Warez are not allowed in the Technology section.

Contributions: This section is a fusion of Punjabi Culture, Lyrics, Punjabi , Hindi & English Poetry besides Religion and Politics discussions.

Chit-Chat: Got some News to share? Crack a Joke & make us laugh. All the rant goes into Gapp-Shapp. Want to increase your post/thread count or kill some time? Head straightaway to the UNP Games!

Gallery: Post pictures related to Religion, Wallpapers, Babes, Funny Images, Punjab or Bollywood. Image editing tuts, tricks are to be shared in Digital Photography.

UNP Special: Post reviews or share latest information in the Punjabi Entertainment News. Grab the latest music from Punjabi Music section. Requests are welcome. Watch videos in the Video Section. Members with 100+ threads or 1000+ posts gain access to the UNP Private. This section is the home to Bollywood Music, Movies, TV shows plus Software's & Games.

UNP Members: Member Intro's, Pics fit into this section. Antics & goofs are to be posted into Leg Pulling section. Wish fellow members, share your special moments in the Wishes section.

UNP Announcements & Feedback: It's the home to all latest information about the board. Leave feedback, post suggestions into this section.


Forums are meant for interaction. Here's a section explaining how:


Navigate to your desired sub section. Hit * New Thread * button on the top left of the screen. Input the thread title and the content & simply press * Submit New Thread * button.


You can reply to any open thread by clicking on the * Quick Reply * option. An elevated formatting interface is available by pressing the * Go Advanced * button.


PM is an abbreviation for Private Message. You can Private Message people by clicking Send Message > Send a private message to _ in their profile. Plus you can send PM by clicking on the member name in their posts & clicking Send a private message to _. Private messages cannot be seen by anyone except the person receiving it.

PM Inbox Quota

Prime VIPs: 2000 PM
VIPs: 1000 PM
Elite: 200 PM
Members: 50 PM

Avatars, Signatures & Profile Pictures

Avatars, Signatures & Profile Pictures are can be used to quickly identify members.

Avatars can be edited from -
Signatures can be edited from -
Profile Pictures can be edited from -


There are certain restrictions curtailing the Avatars, Signatures & Profile Pictures sizes. These are as follows:


Vips: 150 by 150 pixels or 29.3 KB (whichever is smaller)
Elite: 125 by 125 pixels or 25 KB (whichever is smaller)
Members: 100 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller)


Vips: 500 by 100 pixels or 48.8 KB (whichever is smaller)
Elite: 500 by 100 pixels or 39.0 KB (whichever is smaller)
Members: 500 by 100 pixels or 39.1 KB (whichever is smaller)

Profile Pictures:

300 by 300 pixels or 64.0 KB (whichever is smaller)


Thou shall not post any messages that are hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

Useful Threads
Minor Alerts Thread - Note !
Tutorial - To insert image or video in a thread.
Tutorial - To report a thread/post.
How to Search UNP from the Google Chrome Location Bar
♫lyrics Requests♫
Music Request - Requests

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