The Funniest Insults On The Web

-=Sukh Tiwana=-


1...Why don't you blow your brains out? You have nothing to lose.

2...Let's play house. You be the door. I'll slam you.

3...What's on your mind- If you'll please excuse the exaggeration.

4...I'll swear eternal friendship for anyone who dislikes you as much as I do.

5...I need a bookmark more than I need you, so step in front of a steamroller on your way out.

6...I don't know what makes you tick, but I hope it's a time bomb.

7...Next time you pass my house, I'll appreciate it.

8...You have a very striking face? How many times have you been struck there?

9...Why don't you sue your brains for non-support?

10..Why don't you leave and let live?

11..You can could make a good living hiring yourself out to haunt people.
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