The DJ Battle Update Announcement (May 30th)

For those of you who haven't read the previous DJ Battle announcement, UNP user, west coast desi, had suggested that UNP should have a DJ Battle. Some UNP users (including team members & mods) decided to go forward with the idea and actually have a live DJ Battle. The full information is below, but this update announcement isn't for no reason. I've been receiving some messages and PMSs regarding a date change on the DJ Battle. I've replying negatively, saying that we cannot change the date, but we can definately consider future DJ Battles. Although this information should go into the "comments & suggestions" area, but I feel if more people knew about this so they could give some feedback. My view is that if the 1st DJ Battle is successful, we can definately continue for a 2nd June DJ Battle. What do you guys say? (full information has also been updated)

SPECIAL REQUEST TO UNP TEAM & MODS: Please do not move this thread to "comments & suggestions" due to the "importancy" of the information

THREAD NAME: DJ Battle 1 (May 30th)
LOCATION: Singles & Promos
DATE: May 30th, 2008
TIME: 7:00 pm
TIME ZONE: Pacific Time Zone

To see when the DJ Battle is going to be happening live on UNP in your city, please visit The World Clock (long version)

1. Create an original remix of a song of your choice
2. Upload the song on this website
3. Private message me by using this link UNP
4. Use the following format in your private message:

DJ Chucky
Das Ja Melene (Remix)

1. All remixes by be original remixes
2. All remixes must be uploaded by the creator of the remix
3. Only 1 remix is allowed per user/DJ
4. All remixes must be submitted through
5. All remixes must be submitted to me through a PM before May 30th PTZ
6. You cannot vote for your own remix during the poll

A poll will be attached to the thread and the winner of the poll shall be declared the winner of May 30th's DJ Battle. The prize has already been decided by UNP Team member, Sehaj, but has not yet been revealed. Also, the poll will be an open-ended poll, meaning that no secrets will be kept. Who voted for what will be shown so that a DJ Battle participant doesn't vote for their own remix. Penalty for doing so is only disqualification from the DJ Battle.

LIST OF CURRENT PARTICIPANTS: (alphabetized by DJ name)
DJ BaLLi (username: DJ BaLLi)
DJ Bling (username: blingsingh)
DJ Dragon (username: reallycool0)
DJ Krown Royal (username: west coast desi)
DJ M-Skillz (username: SherDil)