The DJ Battle (May 30th)

Ok, so UNP user, west coast desi, has suggested a DJ Battle on UNP. I totally think that is a fantastic idea (and so do many other UNP users) and so, we've decided to go forward with the DJ Battle idea. Here's the information on the DJ Battle:

LOCATION: Singles & Promos
DATE: May 30th, 2008
TIME: 7:00 pm
TIME ZONE: Pacific Time Zone

To see when the DJ Battle is going to be happening live on UNP in your city, please visit The World Clock (long version)

1. Create an original remix of a song of your choice
2. Upload the song on this website
3. Private message me by using this link UNP
4. Use the following format in your private message:

DJ Chucky
Das Ja Melene (Bass Remix)


1. All remixes by be original remixes
2. All remixes must be uploaded by the creator of the remix
3. Only 1 remix is allowed per user/DJ
4. All remixes must be submitted through MediaFire links to me before May 30th, Pacific Time Zone

*A poll will attached and the winner of the poll will be declared the winner of May 30th's DJ Battle. The prize has already been decided by UNP user, Sehaj. It has not yet, however, been revealed what exactly the prize is. I hope you all are looking forward to UNP's 1st ever DJ Battle!

*Also, to increase the DJ Battle's publicity, all replies on this thread will recieve a THANKS for replying to this thread. Let everyone know!!!
The Champ Is Here ............ The Champ Is Here .......................... I Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee You Dj's Betta Bring Ur "a" Game To Beat The Likes Of Me!!!!! :p


naNOX9™ Hardcore
good idea mundeyo
vaise mainte shonk likade kadaar kar lainda pange
vaise main ennnaa mara vi ni kujh na kujhte kar hi laina
nale participate karn da ki janda ik dam free aa :d