The "Create Your Own Boliyan" Contest

With the consent of UNP Team members, I have gotten permission to start this contest (& this thead LOL) called The "Create Your Own Boliyan" Contest. The winner will be declared "The Boli King/Queen". :d (LOL I couldn't think of anything else) All the information for the contest is below:

Thread Posting Date: Monday, August 25th, 2008
Thread Closing Date: Monday, September 1st, 2008
Location: Gapp-Shapp Section
Time: 2:30 pm PTZ (or possibly before but for sure not after)

1. Each user is allowed one tappa of boliyan only
2. The boliyan tappa shouldn't provoke anything or anyone
3. You may make fun of people in a "fun manner" only if you have their consent
4. The person/people whom you have made fun of must approve your tappa of boliyan before you submit it

(Note: You may submit your tappa anytime between the posting & closing date)

Start working on your tappa now! :d


"Puttar mitharey mevey"
Re: The "Create Your Own Boliyan" Contes

...baari barsi khatan gyaa c!!...baari barsi khatan gya c!!...khat khat k lyanda laddo..!!...kapre..dhondi nu..akh.maar gya dadoo!!!!!!