The Best of Photoshop User: The 10th Year


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English | 1024x768 | 3 hours 22 mins | FLV | 1.09 GB
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Video tutorials from Scott Kelby ... Editor Photoshop User, Scott Kelby, offers you the most popular video lessons and techniques required in Photoshop in 10 years of experience in the magazine. By Scott joined Photoshopuser TV co-owners Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski, as well as owners of Layers TV Corey Barker and Rafael "RC" Concepcion, to add your favorite tricks and tips.

In this course include:
* Photoshop User Top 10 Tips for Photoshop CS3
* An entire section devoted to work in Lightroom
* Step by step learning classical effects Photoshop
* Tips on using Photoshop Professionals
* Plus a bonus section that includes the Scott in Camera Raw
Over two hours of continuous work on over these special effects, cool tips and tricks amazing on this disc - an excellent addition to your library of training materials that you might want to reconsider again and again.
Download B3st Photosh0p Us3r part1 rar
Download B3st Photosh0p Us3r part2 rar
Download B3st Photosh0p Us3r part3 rar
Download B3st Photosh0p Us3r part4 rar
Download B3st Photosh0p Us3r part5 rar
Download B3st Photosh0p Us3r part6 rar

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