Terror strikes Mumbai, Srinagar


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Source - The Tribune

One hundred and forty seven persons were killed and 439 injured in Mumbai in a series of blasts late this evening in seven 'local' trains ferrying commuters home from work and a busy suburban subway.



In yet another series of explosions, eight persons, including six tourists, were killed and over 40 others, were injured in six grenade explosions that rocked the uptown areas from Dalgate to the Central Lal Chowk area here today.



·``·»Mohd. Sadiq fan«·``·
Terror Update -

Death toll rises to 190 n 625 injured in metropolis blasts (Hindustan Times)


-- Kem da Gui --
its so sad k dese things aint cmin to an hault.. jad v shanti ji maintain hundi apne desh ch terror strikes.. sarkar de against ya kise policy de against revolt karna taaa eh keda rasta hoya to create terror to prove ur point.. dese guys just makin things worse nd on top of it only da inncoent civilians are da sufferers.. gareeb janta mari jandi har wari.. koi kaum v support ni kardi eho ji means nu bt still dunno wts dere mind set. why do dey do such things .. totally inhuman practice