Temporary Leave

pink puma

Hello peoples, :wa

well as you guys must know, mein (like many of you) university che aa :nerd . its my 4th and final year of my BA hons and that means i must do exceptionally well if i am to get admitted to law school in England. So soon enough mere bohat saareh exams and papers due aa, and my life pretty much depends on these. :scholar

Taan kaar keh i am taking a temporary leave :dts i'll be back though so rohn na lag piyo! i'll be back after December 13th, thats when i'll be freeeeeeeee for a month or so.

I must say, the reason i am taking a leave is because UNP is bloody addictive! Mein kadeh vi koi enha changa forum nahi dekhya. The people here are absolutely AMAZING and mein bohat kuch learn vi keeta. Mein believe nahi kaar sakdi vi thusi saareh jaaneh kinne nice ya. I have made some really nice friends here and i look forward to continuing making new friends too.

Mein everyone nu thank karna choundi, for making this such a beautiful experience. Ja thusi Canada vich ya, ja America, ja England, ja India, assi saareh punjabi aa, and punjabiyan di shaan wakhri hi rayi. This site has an incredible sense of pride to it and i am extremely fortunate to be a member of it.

mein tohanu sarrehiyan nu bohat miss karu gi. Bakhi wish me luck on my papers and exams guys, and i will tell you how they went when i come back! i really hope i do well. Thanks everyone again for making me feel so welcome here.

Mani (thanks for lending a shoulder), Nav (thnx for all your advice and for just being such an awesome person), Sehaj (thanks for your honesty, your kindness, and your genuineness), Guri (haha what should i say, your the best, thanks for making me laugh so much), Dhane (vi Dhane, good luck with that kuri, i hope all works out) Jas (thanks for making UNP so welcoming and creative), Sydney_Di_Jatti, Gagan (thnx for uploading some wicked songs), PP (thnx for your advice), Dhillon and SP (for the giggles), if theres anyone i missed forgive me please.

See you guys after Dec 13th, fer party timeeeeeeeee :D:D:D keep in touch my yahoo id is cuppycake_49

love you all


P.S. don't forget me :cry


Done Deal !
Pums Good luck darling, you are gonna do absolutely fine. All the best from me, kill those exams and papers....
And a very smart move, UNp is def addictive, i need to take a leave for a year too....hehehe.....seriously i shud take a leave too........

But babydoll defenetily goodluck for the finals, and i know you will make it to that top law school in UK......

if ever-anything, hollar anytime, i will pm my yahoo or msn id......

:yrlub ju...........


-- Kem da Gui --
koi na balliye... waise v ajj kal dhane warge pagal khule turi firde UNP te.. j jada chir ithe rendi ki pata eho j anti social elements ki galt malt karden UNP te..

so better take leave.. dec 13 tak asin dhane nu paglan wala ik ada teeka laake theek kar hi dena.. till den enjoy te best of luck​
besta luk fo yr examz girl......i knw u gonna do extremely well(atleast i hope so :p)...c ya around sumtime on Yahoo....

nd yh ppl like u r not meant 2 b forgotten.....