TDS of 2%

Dear Customer, effective from 01/09/2019, TDS of 2% is applicable on all cash withdrawals exceeding INR 1 Cr in a Financial Year.

After 1 Cr TDS 2% Cut

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If you exceed 1 cr from one account
And it can be adjusted in IT return
And in business account doesnt matter how many accounts you have 1 cr means 1 cr.
And rbi and tax Departments have system to calculate it with no time.
And with personal account u can transfer money to some other family member and withdraw it.

Vaise ene paise haini ajj kal kisse kol :p


We (banks) have received this notice from tax department

Farm bodies exempted from 2% tax at source on payments above ₹1 crore
To give relief to the rural economy, the government has exempted agriculture produce marketing committees (APMCs) from the purview of the 2% tax deducted at source (TDS) on payments above ₹1 crore, an anti-abuse provision in the Income Tax Act introduced this year.
“To avoid inconvenience to farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector, agents operating under APMCs have been exempted from 2% TDS on cash payments above ₹1 crore.