Taiwan woman to marry herself for new life in New Year


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A Taiwanese woman therapist plans a new start in the New Year by holding a splendid wedding. What is unusual about her plan is that there will be no groom, the TVBS cable news channel reported.

Chen Ching, 45, a popular therapist from the central county of Nantou who has published a number of books, said she spent two months preparing for her wedding in full, traditional Taiwan style.

It is to include lighting firecrackers, serving gluttonous rice dumplings, giving out Taiwan wedding cakes and sending out invitations to friends and relatives for her wedding banquet, she said.

She said she felt lucky she was able to 'meet myself and fall in love with myself'.

Chen said her wedding would be held on the first day of the New Year when Taiwan is to also celebrate its 100th year as a republic.

Chen plans to put on a wedding gown, wait for a limousine she is to hire to take her from her home in Mingchien to Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, where her self-wedding is to be staged.

Chen would not be the only woman to marry herself. Last month, a 30-year-old Taipei office worker held her self-wedding after thinking that it was about time for her to get married, even though she had yet to find Mr Right.

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Taiwan man kills wife after posting intention on blog

TAIPEI: An elderly Taiwanese man allegedly put his ailing wife to death by pushing a screwdriver through her skull, weeks after he said on his blog he might kill her as an act of mercy, media reported on Monday.

Wang Ching-hsi, an 83-year-old former engineer, is suspected of giving his wife sleeping pills early Sunday and then killing her, the United Daily News and other papers said.

"Why I did this? It's all on my blog," Wang told journalists while being taken away by Taipei police, according to footage shown on local television.

A blog entry dated December 5 which appeared to be Wang's remained available Monday and detailed in candid terms how Wang's 80-year-old wife, Sun Yuan-ping, had lost the will to live.

The blog entry said that she was suffering from Parkinson's disease and recently had broken her left leg. "She is miserable," the blog said.

It referred to an agreement the couple had arrived at a decade ago "to die in peace", and quoted Wang as telling his wife that "when the time comes, I will kill you."

After allegedly killing his wife, Wang called the police to turn himself in and waited in his apartment for the officers to arrive, United Daily News said.

Euthanasia and the right to die has been a hotly debated topic in Taiwan in recent years.

In June, the cabinet passed draft regulations allowing terminally ill patients or their relatives to give up medical efforts that prolong suffering without preventing eventual death.