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Babru/Baturu (Himachal )


Wheat flour – 1kg (it would prepare 30-35 in number)
Refined oil – half cup for dough and 1/2-1 litre for frying
Desi Shakkar or Sugar as sweetener (as per taste)
Yeast, risen dough (khameer) or bread


The preparation for babru typically starts a night before. To start with, take wheat flour and add half a cup of refined oil to it, mix it well. You can use sugar as sweetener, but it’s better to use desi shakkar (brown sugar) as it gives rich flavour and very good brownish colour. Put desi shakkar in a pan and add water to it, heat the water so that shakkar dissolves. This sweet brownish water would be used to knead the dough.

The dough needs to rise, and you can either use yeast or risen dough if you have – bread could be an option, soak 1-2 slices of bread in water and crush it before adding to the flour. Now you have oil and yeast/risen dough/bread added to the flour.

Start kneading the dough with the sweetened water. Make sure that you do this quite well and uniform, this would make the babru soft.

Now leave this dough to rise. If its winter you may have to roll it up in a blanket and keep it overnight. In summer you can just roll it up in a towel and 5-6 hours would be enough.

Now it’s pretty simple. Get your kadahi ready with hot refined oil. Apply oil on your hands so that flour does not stick to your hands, take a small portion of the size of a roti. Using hands, get a shape like this and it is ready to fry now:
Let it get brown from one side and then flip it to cook evenly from the other side.

Hot sipping babrus are ready now. Have it with pickle, jam, kadhi or vegetable as breakfast or snack with adrak (ginger) ki chai.