Suzuki Hustler concept unveiled at Tokyo

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New Hustler 'crossover minivan' designed to appeal to younger buyers, gets three-cylinder engine and off-road features

The Suzuki Hustler and Suzuki Hustler Coupé have been unveiled at the Tokyo motor show, and point the way to a new style of crossover minivan that is popular in Asian markets.

The less practical but more style-led Coupé is 3395mm long, 1475mm wide and 1630mm high. In keeping with Kei car regulations, it is powered by a 658cc three-cylinder engine linked to a CVT transmission.

Suzuki's standard Hustler has the same power unit and transmission, but is 3395mm long, 1475mm wide and 1655mm high. It weighs 790kg; no weight is given for the coupe.

The manufacturer describes both cars as being aimed at active, youthful buyers, although it also stresses the standard Hustler's practicality as transport for young families.

As such, the Hustler is also equipped with a grip control function and hill descent control, as well as a relatively raised ride height, to give it a modicum of off-road and low grip surface ability.