Sunny ***** slaps journalist after he asked her how much she charges for 'night programmes

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In a shocking incident recently, Bollywood actress Sunny ***** slapped a journalist at a five-star hotel in Gujarat. According to MidDay, that happened after the journalist asked her how much she charges for ‘night programmes’ now that she is a movie star. The actress was in Surat for a Holi event on March 24 when things took an ugly turn.

After the journalist asked her this question, the actress got furious and slapped him then and there in the hotel corridor where he was interviewing the actress.

This is what he asked her, “You were a porn star earlier, now you are a film star. So how much do you charge now?”

After the incident, the organizers were a little apprehensive that Sunny will be performing at the event or not, but Sunny being a true professional, performed to popular Bollywood numbers for 15 minutes but had earlier told the organizers that she would only come to the event if there is no journalist at the venue.

No police complaint had been filed against the journalist as Sunny’s husband Daniel said that the reply that Sunny gave to the reporter was apt and so they didn’t file any police complaint. He also said that the organizers were college kids so the couple didn’t want their careers to be damaged.