Success has gone to Salman Khan's head!


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Industry insiders get talking about the actor's recent spate of fights

Salman Khan has always been known for his bratty ways. But his recent power trip is unmatched. The success of his back-to-back projects, Dabangg and Ready, seem to have given him an added sense of invincibility.

And the proof of the power is in his conduct over the recent past. Prior to his blockbuster success Wanted, Salman's career faced a five-year long slump. Fortunately for Salman, he was given a second chance in the industry.

In recent years, Salman has made it evident that he does not like associating with a lot of people within the industry. It started with a fight with good friend Shah Rukh Khan in 2008. He even had differences with Shahid Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi and John Abraham in their initial days. In fact, the recent trend has been that whoever gets close to SRK, automatically gets into Salman's hate list. Example, Priyanka Chopra.

Post Dabangg, he fought with Abhinav Kashyap, the director of the very film that made him big again. The actor started off the year with a fight with yet another director Anees Bazmee. He even asked for an extra Rs 5 crore from friend Sajid Nadiadwala to star in Kick. Continuing his recent fascination with filmmakers, Salman fought with Bunty Walia last week at good friend Sanjay Dutt's house.
Revealing what happened at the party at Sanjay's house, a source said, "At Manyaata Dutt's birthday party, he was bitching about some of the heroines he is known to be rather close to. He has gone back to his bratty ways. Mind you, this is dangerous."

Is Sallu back to his bratty ways - the very same that led to his downfall years back? We ask industry insiders.

"His lazy, unprofessional attitude on the sets of Bodyguard is the only reason why the film could not get completed on time. As a result of which, YRF's Ek Tha Tiger has now been delayed at least by ten days," says a source from the industry.

A leading source from the trade told Mumbai Mirror, "Yes, Salman ke dimag mein hawa bhar gaya hai. And it was bound to happen. Didn't it happen with Shah Rukh Khan when he was at the top? Why else would Shah Rukh have fought with Salman? What you need to understand is that Salman was not so big two years ago and Shah Rukh was the king.

Didn't Shah Rukh even start picking on his friends and in the process, lost quite a few of them? When you achieve too much success, maturity tends to fade away. You stop treating others as human beings. Salman has never tasted such success before, so he is bound to get carried away. "

Mahesh Bhatt however, thinks differently. "I don't endorse this story. Because just an hour ago, before you called, I know of a few kids who visited Salman on his sets and he took pictures with them and danced with them.

I am very sorry to demolish your stand on Salman. Only Bunty, Sanju and Salman know what happened at the party between them. To be judgemental without knowing what actually transpired, is unfair to Salman."

But a senior distributor chose to disagree with Bhatt. "I completely abide by the story. We have known Salman to do irresponsible things outside people's homes. This time he behaved very badly inside Sanju's residence. Yeh bilkul galat hai. Definitely usko kamyaabi ki hawaa lag gayi hai."

Salman's bad habits in fact, aren't restricted to late rising and fighting at parties. A source from a leading production house informed, "After 1.30 am, Salman starts drinking very heavily. All these mistakes that he has committed recently, fighting with Anees, Sanju etc have happened post one in the morning."

A director who worked with him recently attributed Salman's recent attitude to circumstances and said, "About his mood swings, in the recent past, I think a few things have happened in his life, that have forced him to react this way. Moreover, you shouldn't forget that he is a very moody person right from childhood. He has these phases in his life when he starts behaving erratic. Perhaps, this is one such phase."


on off on off......
just open his road murder case.. then his all attitude will be wash away...drunk killer,murderer of innocent homeless people...
He is not in jail because he has money..Being human lmaooo