Submit Jeevan Pramaan Online Punjab ?


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How and where to submit Jeevan pramaan certificate for retired Punjab Government employee ?

Online ho jayu ? Ja fer bank ch hunda ke department ch ?


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bhaji ho janda online, did twice so far, you will need finger print scanner ( only specific ones work)
you will need something call RD service and jeevan pramaan app installed on your pc.

i have used Mantra MFS100 finger scanner and it works. if you are out of india you need to change the time zone on pc to IST.
scanner is approx 1700 Rs

Driver and RD service for Mantra MFS100

i have some docs at home( couldnot find their links anymore) i can scan and upload if needed.
if you google for it you will find some youtube videos as well.

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Well, I tried to do it but in my case it didn't work. the best way is you need to go to INDIAN CONSULATE and get your certificate done. make sure you send that certificate by email and as well as by post.