Stunning A3 Foldable Tablet Concept Designing by Phil Pauley

Phil Pauley has come up with a new tablet book with its extra dual format A3 Screen, called A3 Tablet.

The concept tablet can be easily bent like a book and even can be used as a book and you can comfortably carry it with yourself anywhere you wish.

tablet supports both landscape and portrait viewing. Its very flexible and has many differnt ways folded like a paper.This will be the next generation in tablet technology.

This Table includes six cameras for normal and Stereoscopic 3D recording/playback, incorporating two clusters of three cameras. The top camera acts as a normal video/picture coms system while the twin pair at the bottom produce the Stereoscopic 3D for the same purpose.

It also has an advanced built-in wireless technology that will automatically find Wi-Fi Networks and 3G Connectivity. Whether you like playing games, listening to music, watching TV or just staying connected through interactive media, this tablet can satisfy your needs.
If this is the future of the tablet computing and if this concept design really moulded into a practical design it will definitely rock the tech floor.