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Dhillon Sa'aB™
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Gap should not be an issue, show your work experience.

You just need to prove that further studies will be beneficial to you.

pick the course carefully.


Dhillon Sa'aB™
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1. You will need to prove you are a bonafide student.
2. intent to leave Canada after studies.

So your intended course need to match your current job OR education.

aap apply kar lo,
22JI ik Vaar IDP valeya naal gal karo, Free kam karde IDP de agents bas tuhade Documents genuine hune chahi de aa....... apni City ch ohna da office labho

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BAD BOY'S ਦਾ ਰੱਬ &#2
Firstly Tuhada Gap hai some university han jo accept kardiya te some nai . te agar tusi MBA karni hai te tuhada job experiance and tuhadi study relvent honi chahidi hai .
Course te job and study relevent honi must hai usto baad sab ho janda mainu das dena main age process das dava ga tuhanu kida hunda hai.


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Graduation year , subject & marks ??

1st - go for a proper 2 year MBA and not executive one
2nd There shouldnt be any gap in work ex
3rd search for courses in DLIs specific to your needs , each DLI has diff admissions criteria
4th go for Uni rather than college , permit gets easier
5th V strong statement of purpose
6th Score as well as u can in eilts academic
7th proof of financial support for 1st year tuition + GIC
8th Steer clear of colleges famous for desi admissions like fanshawe, lambton, sheridan etc

you dont need a consultant for this btw

ѕραятαη σƒ ℓσνєツ

BAD BOY'S ਦਾ ਰੱਬ &#2
I am checking for my brother.... He is not married and wanted to go to canada. PR lyi points nhi ban rhe due to marriage. clues if there's any other way to increase pooints?
tusi assessment kiti c kine points ban rahe tusi mainu sab details provide kara deo ohna diya main das dava ga ki ho sakda ki nai.

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