Strings Will be Lending Music to "Shootout At Wadala"


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Shootout At Wadala’ shooting is a series of ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ is a film based on an exchange of fire between the real gangsters in Mumbai and the police. Although the film has been mixed reactions, the creators have always planned to release a sequel since the film was critically acclaimed.

The suite is expected to bring some new faces like John Abraham will be seen acting as a villain. Anil Kapoor is also expected to join the cast. The suite is also based on a real battle between gangsters and cops, but said another one of those incidents that have been forgotten.

We have seen Pakistani pop group Strings lending a song for “Shootout at Lokhandwala” and we just heard a source close to the group that the duo are ready to pop music a little more. We do not yet know whether it will be a song or more.

Strings has never disappointed the fans with the music they produced for the liberation of India and we have high expectations.