Stolen and sold, toddler reunited with parents

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Stolen from his parents and sold twice, a 13-month-old boy born to a couple in Ghaziabad ended up in the house in Delhi's Laxmi Nagar, as the 'son' of a bakery owner and his wife.
The primary conduit in this operation was a doctor, Anita Vij, who bought the boy from what police suspect is a gang of baby snatchers for Rs 70,000. Vij then sold the boy to the childless Delhi couple for Rs 3 lakh, police said.
A Ghaziabad police team found little Yash in bakery owner Paras Jain's house in Laxmi Nagar in the early hours of Monday after it arrested Vij (40) from her flat in Patparganj's Karishma Apartments on Sunday night. Vij led the police to Jain. Police suspect Vij is a qualified doctor.
Jain and his wife Archana (27) had been consulting Vij for the past few years because of their inability to conceive. Vij had bought Yash from Chandvir, a 30-year-old who drives an app-based taxi, and his wife Poonam (28) on the evening of September 10, police said. Chandvir and Poonam got Yash from a man called Sunil, who police said was known to the boy's parents, and had snatched the sleeping baby from its cot when the house was empty. They lost no time in rushing Yash to Delhi selling him to Vij.

Around the same time, Yash's parents Sachin and Pooja rushed to Tronica City police station in Ghaziabad to report their child was missing. Yash had gone missing in a moment of carelessness by the parents —Sachin was away and Pooja had gone to a neighbour's house to fetch water, leaving the main door open. Their five-year-old elder son was in the house, in Ghaziabad's Nauraspur area, but had followed Pooja out. Yash was sleeping on the cot. When Pooja returned, he had disappeared.
In the police complaint, Sachin said he suspected Sunil (22), who lives with his brother-in-law Kallu, a driver, in a rented house located just across the road. Pooja had gone to Kallu's house to fetch water, and Sachin suspected Sunil had been keeping a close watch, biding his time.
"My elder son had followed me across the road to Kallu's house. When I returned a few minutes later, Yash was not there on the cot," Pooja told TOI on Monday. We raised an alarm and enquired from neighbours and relatives. But no one had any idea where Yash was."
Police said Sunil picked him up from the house with the help of a cousin, Rahul. The duo called up Chandvir on his mobile phone, who arrived in his taxi at a location near Yash's house accompanied by Poonam. All four travelled in the car along with the kid till the Tulsi Niketan overbridge, where Sunil and Rahul got off. Chandvir and Poonam took the boy to Patparganj, where they sold him to Vij, police said.

The breakthrough in the investigation came with the arrest of Rahul. The arrests of Chandvir and Poonam followed before Vij and bakery owner Jain's. Jain's wife Archana is missing.
Ghaziabad SP (rural) Rakesh Kumar Pandey said, "Police teams were sent to various parts of western UP and Delhi. Rahul was nabbed from Muzaffarnagar on Sunday morning. He spilled the beans. It Anita Vij used to call herself a doctor even though she is a qualified nurse. The money paid for the kid was shared among all accomplices."