Standardize rules for UNP

Do you think UNP needs its own standardized rules ?

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Hi, Everyone.

My suggestion for UNP improvement is to make some standardize rules for UNP. Lets take example of music section, there are so many threads with dead links.

There is nothing more frustrating than saying thanks and then u find the link provided is dead. There has to be some rules for uploading files to certain sites.

Otherwise the no. of useless threads will increase day by day. It is more hard to find threads with working links. It is upto admins to let user know about certain sites, which provide

unlimited space and unlimited downloads like - Mediafire. All threads with dead links should be deleted. So, I urge
admin to do something about this.

This message is to all unpians. Give ur thoughts in this thread and suggestions regarding rules. this is our responsibility to make UNP work at its best.:a
theek aah hun vi

coz jediyaan old posts ne ohde ch taan link dead hi houga ofcourse

but new posts ch hamesha hi working link milda
I don't mind old posts with dead link. But dead link wale threads nu new threads naal mix karan da koi matlab nahin banda. Confusion hi create karda hai.


ImmorTaL KhalsA
There's nothing like old post n new post....there r many members who upload on diff websites liike - RS ,MF, MS,SS n so on....

If u find any post dead...Jus report it ! so dat v can do our work !

Its u who can make us better and best !