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Vanilla sponge cake:- 8 inch
Mixed canned fruits:- 1 cip
Motichoor laddoos:- 6-8
For garnishing
Whipped cream as required
Cherries as required
Pistachios blanched and chopped as required
Cocoa powder as required


Step 1
Drain canned fruits and place them in a bowl. Add shrikhand and mix well.

Step 2
Leaving 1 cm all around the edge of the cake, slice off a thin layer from the top of the cake. Scoop out from the center to make a deep pocket. (Keep the scooped portion to use for some other recipe.)

Step 3
Fill shrikhand mixture in the pocket. Crumble motichoor laddoos and spread on top of the shrikhand.

Step 4
Fill whipped cream in a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle and pipe out rosettes around the outer edge. Sprinkle cherries and pistachios. Dredge cocoa powder and serve.